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How writing an ebook could change your life

We hear a lot about the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, and the like. But there is another revolution going on that is also highly significant –perhaps particularly so as far as you personally are concerned. It’s called the e-book.

I hate to admit it. After all I’ve loved print books with deep passion for nearly 80 years. I love the feel of them. I love the smell of them.

Throughout my life books have given me new vision and inspired me with a sense of happiness and freedom. When I was a young fellow I carried around a copy of Walt Whitman’s poems in my pocket for two years. But the e-book is a real game changer.

Why? Because it means it’s easy now for anyone of any age — whether you think you have writing ability or not — to create and publish a book for other people to read.

You can earn a nice income from an e-book

With an e-book you can do so many things. Most importantly, you can give your gift — express your own unique spirit. You can share your love for a particular hobby or passion. You can share your philosophy of life. You can write about your experiences traveling, or making wine, or growing up. You can publish a book that will help people take better care of their dogs or cats.

You can share how you overcame a major challenge in your life. Or how you blossomed. You can write about how you overcame a health crisis, or a financial crisis. And last but not least, you can potentially make a nice income from an e-book that will last through time.

How so? Because, as my friend Mary Jaksch, of Goodlife Zen, points out in a new post, “You have experience and knowledge that would be helpful to others.”

What a journey. From traditional publishing to self-publishing — and now e-books

I’m a former reporter who later became an author of five books. I got a shot at being an author when self-publishing arrived on the scene. Boy, what excitement.

I self-published an animal fable named The Raven Who Spoke With God in 2001. To my immense surprise and delight, it was picked up by an established publisher in Barcelona named Ediciones B. They published it in a beautiful hardcover edition that sold more than 4000 copies, and the book was later published in ten other foreign language editions.

But while a print book has its advantages, for sure, I have to admit that e-books are so much more versatile. So much easier to produce – and to buy. So much less expensive. Yes. With these newfangled readers — Kindle, Nook and so forth – I have to admit they are probably a perfect fit for our fast-moving culture.

I’m planning on doing an ebook in the very near future, containing a mix of new material and extracts from favorite posts. And you can join this new generation of authors if you choose, thanks to this digital revolution.

Don’t worry whether your writing is good enough

Here’s another quote from Mary’s blog. She’s talking about the question that arises for a lot of people when they think about the possibility of writing a book. “Is my writing good enough?”

Says Mary: “The good news is that you don’t have to be a top-notch writer to create a successful in e-book. There are many low cost freelance editors out there who can take what you write and shine it up for you. The whole e-book thing is a lot easier than you think. I found that the best way to learn to write is by doing it. The act of writing helps you to improve the way you express yourself.”

Taking the mystery out of e-books

I agree with Mary entirely. We learn by doing. If you’re interested in this idea of writing an e-book, you may like to know that Mary and her friend Leo Babauta have launched a new program called EBOOK MASTERY that takes the mystery out of this endeavor. It’s a step-by-step, three-week online bootcamp on how to create an e-book.


Best wishes, and if you have any questions about ebooks or writing don’t hesitate to contact me. As always I’d much appreciate any thoughts on the above post (contains affiliate links). 

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