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Resilience is your ally as you age

How vital is the power of resilience. And how it warms my heart to read a story showing the power of resilience at work. A story like the one I was reading in the Denver Post the other morning.

A young Denver Broncos quarterback named Tim Tebow — scorned by local sportswriters after performing poorly in one or two opening games — answered his critics with a brilliant performance against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

I’m a Brit. My favorite game is, or was, soccer. But resilience doesn’t recognize cultural or national boundaries.

Particularly where aging is concerned — and we’re all aging, when you stop to think about it  — I sure am, with an 80th birthday coming up next May — resilience is essential. It’s essential if we are to age well, and experience the real magic and beautiful potential of life at any age.

Resilience is one of our best friends. It is our ally, no matter what our age. It is there for you always, unperturbed and untroubled by any of the challenges or troubles of your life.

Resilience helps us heal from trauma or despair

Even if you ignore it, or consider it of no importance, resilience is still your ally, ready in a flash to help you heal from a disappointment or trauma, be it large or small. All you have to do is to be quiet for a moment and ask and the power of resilience will be there to help you just as it helped Tim Tebow.

Does a voice in your head from who knows where rear its ugly head sometimes and say, “My life has been in vain.” Or, “I am confused, and don’t know what to do.” Or, “Why isn’t my life more interesting?” Or, “You’re getting older, you’re not relevant any more.”

I have found in my own life that while the voice of my human nature conditioning can seem strong at times, the power of resilience is stronger.

Resilience will remind you of your own unconquerable spirit and bring you back on course

If you are still, and listen, resilience will always bring you back on course. It will give you strength. It will remind you of your own unconquerable spirit. It will dispel the voices of discouragement and despair and flood the windows of your soul with light. It will give you new confidence in myself.

How thankful I am for the gift of resilience that is unaffected and unchanged forever by any of the changes or challenges of our outer lives.

Blessings to you. If you have any thoughts on my new tagline, please let me know. It’s not fixed in stone. This blog is an ongoing adventure (an adventure I commend to anyone who is “aging” by the way. and looking for a new and challenging adventure).

As I say, we are all aging. It’s my hope and intent that my blog will continue to be relevant to people of any age. I’m simply doing my best to listen to the wisdom of my own heart (and others) as to what direction my blog needs to go.

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