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A time to dare


It’s time to dare.

 The true treasures of life are not to be found in a bank on Wall Street or anywhere else — no matter how majestic or important the bank may seem to be — but in our own heart.

It seems to me that those who share in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement burgeoning around the world are reminding us of this ancient truth. They want a chance to fulfill their true potential in life. They want some fair ground rules established so that everyone has a chance to fulfill their true potential.

And they are not alone. Just this morning I was reading of a network of over 700 business leaders and wealthy individuals in the top five percent of income and/or wealth in the US that advocates for fair taxes and corporate accountability. “Occupy Wall Street is a budding movement that can be a tipping point for what we at United For A Fair Economy have been working toward,” says the network on its blog. “For a decade and a half we have fought to push inequality to the center of the tax and economic policy debates in order to build an economy that works for all people.”

It is a dream that will not come true without daring.

A time to dare

Our heart loves to dare. It is one of our most precious attributes, a gift we must never surrender. Daring makes it possible for us to follow our dream and meet the challenges of life no matter how daunting they may appear to our mind’s eye. Daring has magic in it. It guards the gate of freedom. It makes it possible to find happiness and inner peace, and opens the door to beauty.

Without daring, how can we possibly give the gift we came to give, or find our true destiny?

How a bicycle opened a door to freedom

When I was 15 or 16 my parents gave me a new bicycle for my birthday. It was a real grownup’s bicycle with racing handlebars, very flashy, and smart. A beautiful pale blue. It got me dreaming immediately.

I was an only child living with my parents in a traditional middle-class suburb in South London. But suddenly, a new world beckoned. Soon after I got my hands on this bicycle, a brilliant idea bloomed in my mind. I could go on a cycling trip across England, staying at youth hostels.

I remember to this day how magical the feeling of freedom and daring was. It was intoxicating. I bought a bunch of maps. I plotted and planned. And how I appreciate, with hindsight, the forbearance and trust of my parents in letting me go. The open road was before me and it gave me an opportunity to experience an aspect of myself I had never experienced before. A love of adventure. A love of freedom.

Daring has magic in it

Daring has magic in it, as I say. It is as critical to our health and well being – and the health and well being of this planet — as our heart, our liver, or any other aspect of our being.

Daring does not only relate to outer activities and adventure. It relates to our inner life too. As the author Eudora Welty pointed out: “A sheltered life can be a daring life as well. For all serious daring starts from within.”

Daring will not only bring us through the challenges we face. It will open a door to the truth at the core of our existence in which all true meaning and happiness eternally reside.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the above. Do you have any experiences of daring in your own life you’d like to share?

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