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Life, death, and the hero within us all

I came into this world — like you – a pure, unblemished being. And when I come to the conclusion of this earthly life, I will remain — like you — pure, unblemished spiritual being.

What a paradox. The body that makes possible my presence in the earth has experienced many traumas and tragedies — like you — and many fulfillments and delights. And yet the hero within us all is untouched and unchanged by any of these external events.

Some say we are here to grow, and learn, so that at some later time we can return a wiser and more enlightened soul. But I experience that the hero — the truth at the core of my existence — is already wise, and enlightened.

Yes, I am here to grow. But it is so that I may love the hero more and express the hero more — and know more deeply with each passing moment that this is who I truly am.

A long time ago, when I was a young fellow, I was told that if I do this, or don’t do that, I will go to heaven when I die. But life has taught me that the hero is already in heaven. Others insist I am nothing but dust of the ground. From dust I came and to dust I will return.

But I prefer to listen to the hero. And what I hear the hero say – in a moment when I am still, and quiet within – is this: “You are a spiritual being and you are alive forever more.”

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