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The art of maintaining wellness


Do you sometimes feel a bit discouraged or out of sorts, but you’re not quite sure what to do about it? Here’s a solution that worked for me the other day.

Perhaps it was because I’d had a couple of minor procedures for skin cancer on my head and neck, and they set me back a bit. Or perhaps it was because I was frustrated about my blog — feeling a need to find a new direction but not quite sure what direction I should go in. There were some birth pains going on.

In any case, as I sat idly in my little office, pondering what my next step should be with the blog, an inner voice I know very well spoke to me. “Why don’t you vacuum the house,” it said. “You know it needs it.”

When we give our best into something we feel good

I have to admit that my initial reaction to this idea was not favorable. After all, I had been successfully putting off this little chore (one of my agreed-upon contributions to the well-being of our home) for quite a few days, if not weeks. Did I really want to get on the end of a vacuum?

One of the lessons life has taught me, however, is to listen to the nudges that come from within myself. I’ve learned, too, that sometimes when something seems counterintuitive it’s exactly what you need to do — and I’ve learned that when you give your best into even the simplest task, you feel good.

And feel good I did, as I grabbed the vacuum and began venturing into every nook and cranny with all the energy and enthusiasm I could muster. I don’t want to boast but I believe I did one of my best jobs yet.

Good food the base of wellness

It took me about 45 minutes to vacuum our townhouse, which brought me all the way to lunch time. Very convenient.

Good food, of course, prepared with love, is the base of wellness. Unbeknownst to me, my sweet wife, JoAnn, had been thinking for some time about creating a new dish for lunch that would include two super foods, black beans and kale, along with chicken. Kale, of course, is that tough, rather ornery vegetable that is actually a fountain of health — and gentle as a lamb under the surface.

The crock pot is one of our best friends

What JoAnn did was take a can of organic black beans (we always eat organic as far as we can), and after washing and rinsing the beans, put them in the crock pot along with chicken, kale, a bit of onion and celery, and water.

The crock pot is a wonderful invention by the way. I’m particularly fond of meals that are “liquidy” and easy to swallow and digest. I also like succulent — and this new dish that JoAnn created was sure succulent.

The ingredients came together like a beautiful symphony, and by the time I was finished my love of life and my sense of wellness and well-being was complete.

I felt relaxed and at peace. I hummed with contentment.

How about I blog about wellness?

Wellness is not a destination. It’s a lifestyle. A journey. It’s also, I believe, our birthright from time immemorial.

I have found in my own life that while there have been significant challenges, wellness is a flame that cannot be extinguished. Our spirit is unconquerable, no matter what your age. Our human bodies and minds are extraordinarily resilient. And if we are persistent and pay attention to what our own wisdom tells us, and are true to it, we discover that life can be trusted.

I feel an urge to focus my blog on this great gift of wellness that is in us all, and would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you may have on this notion. Blessings to you — and be well.

PS More about the meal

By the way, here’s a bit more info about the lunch JoAnn and I shared the other day. The cost for the two of us for this tasty, nutritious meal was $5-$6.

JoAnn buys natural chicken from Whole Foods in an economy pack of 12 thighs that cost $8.41 – a bit less than $1 apiece. The can of organic black beans was on sale at $1.29, and the organic kale from King Soopers cost $1.69. JoAnn likes to cook the chicken in its skin to maintain flavor and moisture, and remove it before serving.

Picture credit: Picture by lorenzonipr


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