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Two roads to happiness — which will you choose?

There are two roads to happiness and I’ve tried them both. Here is my personal report.

The first way, which is by far the most common and well-traveled, is the way of struggle, effort and sacrifice intermingled with joy. You see what you think will make you happy, you create a goal or aspiration of some kind — and you go after it with all the strength you have.

The trouble with the first approach is that no matter how dedicated we may be, we never quite seem to “arrive.” For example, perhaps we finally take the cruise we’ve dreamed about. Or we notice that our bank account has reached $1 million, or perhaps $1 billion.

There is a glow all right. We taste a little bit of the nectar of happiness. But then where does the glow go? If happiness is based in some kind of external activity or pursuit or accomplishment, it doesn’t last. It’s like an addiction. We have to pick up the search for happiness again — and if we’re not careful, it can all get quite tiring and frustrating.

I dreamed of writing a bestseller

For example, I’ve been a writer all my life, and for a long time — in fact until quite recently — I dreamed of writing a bestseller that would change my life forever.

I loved this dream. I cherished it. I remember very well the day it started. I was a kid of 7 or 8 in the early days of the blitz in London when one day, for some reason — without any nudging from my parents or anyone else — I suddenly decided to write a story in a large scrapbook someone had given me.

Oh my. How exciting it was to let that story unfold in my imagination, and how excited my parents were too, when I finished scribbling away and showed my story to them.

My life took various twists and turns. I worked as a reporter on newspapers and magazines. I worked as a weekly newspaper editor. I wrote 4 or 5 books while I was a member of a spiritual community in British Columbia. But my dream to one day write a best-selling book was like a beacon always shining in the back of my mind, promising a new life of greater happiness and fulfillment.

Then one day everything changed

But then one day everything changed. It changed because I changed. There’s nothing wrong with having goals and dreams and aspirations, of course. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

But sometime over the last few years, without even realizing it to a large degree, this lifelong dream of being a famous writer gradually faded away.

It faded away because one day I finally surrendered to the truth of my existence, and realized that who I truly am is already happy, and already free. I am a masterpiece, just as you, too, are a masterpiece.

The way less traveled

It’s the way “less traveled,” and it waits for us all, the simple realization that we do not need to search for happiness or fulfillment or stature anymore. But simply let the timeless masterpiece that we are be revealed and expressed more clearly in each moment of existence.

We realize that it’s not really a case of adding something to us that we don’t already have, it’s more a case of removing the coverings that to whatever degree, obscure the beauty of who we truly are.

One of the privileges of aging is surely the opportunity to realize ever more deeply and fully the beautiful happiness that already exists at the core of our being, just waiting to be shared with a world hungry for true guidance and inspiration.

Any thoughts on this article you’d like to share?  I’d love to receive them. Blessings and best wishes. And lastly…

Announcing a lollapalooza of a sale

My dictionary describes a lollapalooza as “A late 19th century/early 20th century American idiomatic phrase meaning an extraordinary or unusual thing.”

I think lollapalooza describes very well a blazing humdinger of a personal development sale that starts today and that I’m happy to help publicize. As you can see, I’m throwing my English reserve to the winds here because I think this sale really does offer extraordinary value in these difficult times.

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