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A moment of magic on a park bench

park bench beside sea

Little moments tend to be underrated in our society. We fantasize about “big” moments still to come that will surely bring us happiness and fulfillment — but it is often the little moments that really have power to change or bless our lives.

The touch of the divine

Many years ago, as a young man, I gave up my life in England and went to British Columbia in response to an irresistible urge to find true meaning and freedom.

It was all very exciting and wonderful. I got a job as a reporter on the Daily Colonist in Victoria, such a beautiful city. But I was troubled at times by a nagging doubt or question about whether I was really doing the right thing in my life — whether I was really on the right path.

One day I picked out a book from the library called Cosmic Consciousness, by Richard Bucke — you can see where my interest and passion was in life — and decided to take the book with me to Beacon Hill Park. It’s a beautiful park in Victoria overlooking the ocean.

It was a gorgeous summer day. The sun shone out of a cloudless sky, and the ocean was shining too, stretched out all around me like a shimmering blue carpet. I sat down on a bench and opened the book — but before I could read a word, a tremendous sense of stillness and confidence swept through me.

It’s hard to describe that moment. It was like God touched me on the shoulder and said I really was on the right track with my strange, solitary quest — a quest no one in my family had been able to understand — to find the truth of my existence.

I knew in every fiber of my being that all I had to do was to keep on going.

I left the park glowing with a deep sense of peace and happiness. I didn’t know how my destiny would work itself out, but I knew everything would unfold just as it should as long as I played my part.

The true potential of now

As change rips through our world with over increasing velocity, life is calling to each of us to open our heart more fully than ever before to the true magic and fulfillment that is always present “now.”

It is in the moment — and only in the moment — that we may sense, and know, the presence of the divine. Not some strange external presence but our own presence, our own peace, our own wisdom. The pure, timeless perfection and love of our own being.

Trust your own being. It is calling to you now in the sacred stillness of your heart. You will never see your true face in the future no matter how hard you try.

What are some magical moments in your own life that have really made a difference?

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