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Hang in there and trust

Are the winds of change blowing more strongly in your life? They sure seem to be blowing more strongly in my life.

But there is one thing that isn’t changing at all — and that is the balance that undergirds this universe of love. Life loves balance. It loves to get busy, and move, and create. But paradoxically, it also loves to be still. It loves to come to rest, and be at peace.

Take the big blue spruce tree that grows outside the front door of our town home here in Denver. This tree is a master of this mysterious process we call life. Right now, it is still as can be. There’s not even a suspicion of movement. Every branch, every needle rests in an ocean of perfect calm and peace.

But strong winds are forecast for later today. I know it won’t be too long before this large, impressive tree is very busy indeed, branches moving this way and that as it dances irresistibly with the power of the wind.

Sometimes life calls for everything we’ve got

Sometimes life really puts us through our paces too. It calls for everything we’ve got, and then some, like it did for me these past few months when I was working on finishing my course on “The true promise and potential of aging.”

I’ve written some books in my life, but I’ve never attempted a course like this before. There were times when I wondered if I would be able to finish the course — or if I even wanted to finish it. So many new things to learn. So many surprises. Such a lot of plain hard work.

The days immediately preceding the “launch,” as it’s called in blogging circles, were really crazy — a gazillion things to organize, and tie together – not only the course itself, but things that would help spread the word about it, like guest posts and interviews here and there.

But I’m so glad I did finish the course. I’m so glad I didn’t quit, and throw up my hands.

The joy of friendship and mutual support

One of the particular joys of doing this course has been meeting many new friends. There is an extraordinary movement of mutual support, friendship and cooperation moving in this world. Let us not imagine for a moment that any of us are alone in our projects and dreams.

All the forces of love and creativity are on your side as you initiate new projects and aspirations – or meet old challenges with fervor and love. Just consider this beautiful letter that I received this morning from a woman who commented on one of my posts:

“I’ve given birth to my new website and blog. I launched it five months ago. This is a whole new world to me — the world of social media and blogging, connecting, community building, etc. Our kids are born into it, with the lingo as a part of their lives.

“I am a mid-lifer, very soon to retire from my school social work career of 20 years. As I write this I realize I am also giving birth to a new life phase, with retirement from my job right upon me (June 30th). I will be mindful of operating much more from my right side of the brain as I open myself up to what will evolve. It will be hard shedding some of that left side of the brain – the structure, routines, full knowledge of exactly what I’m doing- and go with the more creative, spontaneous part. But I’m ready, willing and excited by it.”

Life is trustworthy

Most of all, as I finish one phase of my own course, and prepare for the next — some one-on-one conversations and explorations with those who’ve signed up for a personal support session with me — the bottom line is this. Life is trustworthy.

Love is trustworthy. The truth that already exists at the core of your own being is trustworthy. Our own true character is trustworthy. Wherever we are in life’s ongoing continuum — busy as all get out, freaking out at some new challenge, enjoying a few blissful moments of rest — it’s all good.

We are here to bless the world with our presence

It’s the drama we call life, and in one sense, paradoxically, we are not touched by any of it. We are spiritual beings whose true home is nowhere you can find with a physical eye or a telescope or a map or even a belief. It can’t even be described.

We are Children of Light, here with a very simple mission — to bless the world with our presence. Thank you again for your interest and support, both for my blog and for my course on “The true promise and potential of aging.”

Incidentally, something else that has knocked my socks off these past few days is the big jump in my subscriber count. Up from 870 subscribers to 1341A warm welcome to each one of you, new or old.

As years pass by, may you discover more and more vividly the simple truth that only our bodies age. Our unconquerable spirit does not age at all. I wish you peace, happiness and abundance. May you never give up on your dreams. If you wish, please do share any thoughts on the above.

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