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“The True Promise of Aging” goes live


It’s time to see aging in a new light. To see aging not as something to fear, but as a door to new meaning and happiness — an opportunity to experience and express more of our own true character at any age.

It is an opportunity to connect more deeply with the timeless peace and happiness at the core of our being. To experience more freedom, paradoxically, even as our physical body inevitably loses ground.

We are a divine masterpiece, every one of us, and we are here to let this masterpiece that we truly are shine brighter and brighter with every passing day.

Your body ages but our unconquerable spirit is ageless

Yes, aging has its challenges. I would never seek to belittle them. But I know too that although our bodies age, our own unconquerable spirit does not grow old. It is our true Self and we can nurture it and express it as long as we live in this human form.

This is one of the primary themes of my new course, “How to Look (and Feel) 10 years Younger in 4 weeks: The True Promise and Potential of Aging,” now available at this blog right now.  (Please see sidebar).

I’m 79, “World’s oldest new blogger” according to my friend Steven Aitchison.  My course, which is based in my own personal experience, has 8 steps, or modules, and a workbook. The modules and the workbook are available here at my blog as downloadable pdfs.

I thank my special mentor and friend, Mary Jaksch, co-founder with Leo Babauta of The A-List Blogger Club, for her tremendous help and mentoring in getting this course ready to offer to you. Mary has contributed two great articles to this course.

Change your mind about aging

To give you a little idea of content, here are some of the titles of the 8 steps of this course:

Step 1: Change Your Mind About Aging

Step 2: Aging – the Secret to Happiness

Step 3: How to deal with difficult feelings (and find true bliss) as you age

Step 4: Make wisdom your ally

Step 5: The free facelift, or how to look as young as you feel (by Mary Jaksch)

His skin was gnarled but his smile shone  so brightly

I’ve written this course because I’m passionate about sharing my own personal experience — and what I see transpiring in the lives of others — that while external forms age, the unconquerable spirit who we truly are is eternal.

JoAnn and I were so touched the other day when we saw a picture in the Denver Post of a merry 103-year-old gentleman beaming at passersby as he rode his bike along a coastal path in California.

His skin looked a little gnarled and wrinkled. There were training wheels on his bike. But what a beautiful picture it was. It’s just our outer clothing that changes. The “inside” of us, our true spirit and character, hasn’t changed at all. This beautiful man was living proof of this.

Thank you to all those who have helped me

I express my wonder and deep gratitude at the immense spirit of mutual cooperation and love that is on the move in this world and that helped make my course possible.

I’ve mentioned my friend Mary Jaksch, of Good Life Zen. Mary has not only been a wonderful mentor, but is publishing a guest post from me on May 23 at Good Life Zen entitled: “How I learned to give my gift without any expectation.” Please do check it out.

I have more wonderful friends that I’ve met via the internet who have inspired me and who I thank deeply for their help in promoting my course and spreading the word about it. I can’t name them all, but here are some of these wonderfully generous and like-minded souls:

Robin Easton, author of that great book, Naked In Eden, is such a precious friend and brave, generous spirit. She has published a terrific interview with me about the course and you can read it by clicking “The True Promise of Aging.” Thank you so much Robin.

Leo Babauta, of Zen Habits, has  just published a guest post of mine entitled “How to be irresistible at any age.” To say I feel privileged and honored is putting it mildly. Please take a look — Leo is a huge force for creative change in this world and one of the top 25 bloggers in the US.

Steven Aitchison, of Change Your Thoughts, is also publishing a guest post from me May 23 entitled: “How aging can be a door to new meaning and happiness.” Steve has been a special friend ever since I had a coaching session with him soon after I started blogging in 2009. He’s one of the most kind, generous-hearted people I know.

Tess Marshall, of The Bold Life, has also published an interview with me at her blog.  Tess is so much fun. My wife and I were cracking up as we read the interview. Tess has given me a terrific testimonial for this course and I do thank her.

Sandra Pawula, of Always Well Within, published a post about my course on her blog on May 22 — the second anniversary of my blog. So kind of you Sandra. I love the title of her post: “Getting Beyond the Fear of Aging.” Sums it up in a nutshell.

Angela Artemis, author and intuitive, at Powered By Intuition, has published a wonderful endorsement of my course at her blog and I do thank her.

And finally I thank Larry Deane, of Empty Cabin Media, my “go-to” guy for help with my blogging and website. He did my new design a while back. Larry is so competent and reasonable, and has been absolutely extraordinary in his generous and expert help getting the back end of the course ready. Can’t recommend Larry highly enough.

My wish for you

I started work on my course at least 4-5 months ago, though part of me feels I have been working on it forever. I remember Mary Jaksch telling me a while back that the hardest part for a blogger is actually getting a product shipped out the door. I say amen to that.

But today, come heaven or high water, I’m shipping my “baby” out and I do hope so much that you’ll take a few moments to check it out. I also invite you to take a look at the interviews and guest posts on this theme of “happy aging” that I’ve mentioned.

Finally, my wish for you is that whatever your physical age, you experience an ever deeper recognition of the masterpiece you truly are. You are a Child of Light and you have a priceless gift to give your world. It is the gift of your own true character, already perfect and already free.

Love and blessings to you and happy aging. Please Click here  or on the sidebar to find more about my course. Please click on the Facebook or Twitter icons on the sidebar to follow me on social media.

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