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The magic of giving birth

It was (and is) one of the most magical, memorable moments of my life. The day when my son, Durwin was born in a small hospital in the interior of  British Columbia 42 years ago.

Dr. Bilbey had said it would be okay for me to be present for the birth, so there I was as my wife, Joy, entered the last phase of this incredible process we call birth. I was so proud of Joy that day. As the final moments drew closer, and her contractions grew stronger and stronger, I saw how her unconquerable spirit and determination never wavered for an instant.

A friend was with me in the room, and we cheered Joy on madly, louder and louder as the climactic moment came and suddenly, the precious gift of new life was born.

I honor her memory and her spirit

Joy is not alive anymore. She died suddenly of a stroke in 1991, as we were returning from a holiday in the Caribbean to celebrate our 25th anniversary. I honor her memory, and I especially honor her spirit, that for me is as alive and present today as it ever was.

“The true promise of aging”

Next Monday, May 23, I expect to experience a birth of my own. I started blogging two years ago, in May 2009, and next week, on May 23, all being well, I will launch my first product. It’s a course on “The true promise and potential of aging,” that I have been working on for what seems like an eternity, but is probably only the past four or five months.

At times it has been an exhilarating experience, and at times, to be frank, it has been a bit excruciating. But whether a source of joy or of pain I can say with all honesty as I am sure every mother can say that it has been and is a “labor of love.”

A chance to experience new meaning and happiness

I’m 79 in a few days, and I’m passionate about sharing some of what I have learned and continue to learn about “aging”. The opportunity to connect more deeply with the truth of our existence, for example.

I want to share that aging is not something to fear, but is actually an opportunity to experience new meaning and happiness. To experience more deeply the beautiful truth that while our physical body ages, our own true spirit does not age.

My thanks to my “midwife”

She is “off radar” at the moment, trekking in some remote mountains somewhere. But I want to acknowledge I’ve had the help of a “midwife” in this process, without whom I’m sure it would never have happened.

Her name is Mary Jaksch, and she is author of the well-known blog, Good Life Zen, as well as being co-founder with Leo Babauta of the A-List Blogger Club, which of course I thoroughly recommend to everyone. Thank you Mary, for all your help and for the two articles you wrote especially for my course. You’re a real treasure.

Revealing the masterpiece you truly are

We live in violent, perilous times, and yet they are also remarkable and utterly beautiful times. There is the chance, isn’t there, to give birth in our own life to a new experience of ourselves that reveals in ever greater clarity the timeless beauty that is the true “masterpiece” of our being.

I send you love and greetings from a rather soggy Denver. This is an arid climate? Right now it reminds me more of a beautiful spot called the Gulf Islands in British Columbia which I was privileged to sail around in quite a lot in an earlier life. Bye for now.

Any thoughts and comments much appreciated, of course. What are you giving birth to right now?

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