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Find peace in the still waters within


Bin Laden dead. Terrible tornadoes in the south-eastern United States. The awful woes of Japan. The magnificent spectacle of the Royal Wedding.

So many strong emotions, good and bad, we might say, some positive, some negative. So many huge, sometimes unexpected happenings and changes, whether in our own personal lives or in the external world of which we are part.

And yet there is one place we can turn where there is only peace.

It is the timeless peace at the core of our own being that is always here, always present, and never changes. What did Teresa of Avila say? “Let nothing disturb thee, nothing affright thee. All things change, God changeth never.”

It is who we truly are — the still waters of our own being where true character is born and wisdom and truth and courage eternally abide.

Lessons of a nearby creek

Most every day I like to walk down to the creek that flows at the back of our townhome complex here in south Denver.

It’s a gorgeous little stream. There is a place I especially like to visit where some stepping stones have been laid down so people can cross to and fro. I like to stand on one of these stones and watch the water — the clearest water you could think of — flow by on its way downstream.

There are small rocks and stones, of course, in this stream, but the water doesn’t seem to mind. It simply flows around them and continues on its way. I think this symbolizes, in a way, what is required of each of us in these dangerous, unpredictable times.

What is life calling for now?

What is life calling for now? Here are some thoughts on this.

1. We are called to be strong, and persistent, and to never deny the work we are here to do, and the unique gift that is ours to give.

2. We are called to love this world. And yet to honor the flow of life within us and listen to the wisdom of our own soul rather than the strident and often confusing input of the external world.

3. Be willing to be brought to our knees if that is what is necessary to fulfill our true potential and play our part in the evolutionary development that is occurring on this planet whether humans like it or not.

 4. Be flexible and humble, willing to forgive whatever needs forgiving in ourselves or in others, so that the “still waters” of our being can continue to flow freely and creatively within us.

 5. Be willing to open our heart to the truth at the core of our existence that is without blemish or sin of any kind.

6. Be kind to ourselves and know in our heart that we are important to this universe and to the One Love which is the core of our own true character.

What do you think is being called from us in these days?

I’d love to hear from you. Blessings.

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