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What is your deepest longing?

What is your deepest longing?

One of the reasons I’m so grateful for the privilege of aging is that it has given — and continues to give — more space and time to let my own deepest longing be fulfilled, and enjoyed. And made new.

I’m a slow learner, I guess.

“Better late than never,” they say, and that’s sure been true in my own life. In some ways it feels as if it’s only in the last two or three years that my own longing has really come true — the longing I blurted out to my parents at lunch one day when I was 15 years old.

“I want to find the truth of my existence,” I cried during an argument with my dad. Oh my, what a scene there was that day. How angry and upset my father became, angry enough to slap me hard across the face with his hand.

He was a fine, fine man, but we never became close, and perhaps the encounter we had at lunch that day was an example of our separation.

What I really longed for was peace

In recent years, I have come to see that what I was seeking all my life — something that is difficult to describe, but which can be experienced — is a deeper connection with my own unconquerable spirit.

A deeper awareness of the stillness and peace of my own being as the winds of change roar.

It was more important to me than money, fame, a successful career — even my love for my parents and family.

The pain, trauma and tribulations I have known in life — and there have been plenty — are insignificant compared to this stillness that I love. It is my own stillness. Feelings of anxiety and distress still arise — but always this stillness is present.

I have come to see, and chuckle at one of life’s supreme paradoxes — the peace I was seeking so long and earnestly across all the continents of this world was actually seeking me.

It’s who I truly am. It’s who you truly are.

Seek and you shall find

The peace of our own timeless Self is with you and me constantly.

All that is necessary, I discovered at long last, is to be still for a few moments, and surrender, as it were to the timeless presence that is with us every moment of our existence, and which is who we truly are.

“Seek, and you shall find,” the Bible says, and I experience that those five simple little words are true.

All you have to do is persevere in the direction your own inner wisdom dictates and your deepest longing will indeed come true.

What is your deepest longing? Whatever it is, know that if you seek and persevere you will find it.

Love and blessings to you, and I’d love to hear any thoughts you may have on this post.

I want to give a special thankyou to my friend Mary Jaksch, co-founder of the A-List Blogger Club It’s a great community and a great resource for bloggers, and Mary has been and is a tremendous help in preparing my forthcoming course on “The true promise and potential of aging.” There is so much involved in a venture like this. I had no idea. Incidentally Mary has even written two great articles especially for this course. I look forward to offering it very soon.

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