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What are you most thankful for when you look at your life?

For some reason a question began to form in my mind as I woke up this morning and consciousness began to return. The question is: “What am I most thankful for as I look at my life?”

Just for fun, here’s my answer.

I am thankful for the meaninglessness I felt as a young man

While I wasn’t thankful for it at the time, God knows, I am very thankful now for the profound sense of meaninglessness and alienation that I felt as a young man.

I had a sense that something hugely important was missing from my life — and from the world around me too, come to that — but what was it?

After all, I had nothing to complain about in an outer sense. I was healthy. I had loving parents. I had a good job as a reporter on a big London daily newspaper. I even had a small sailboat, and a nice girlfriend.

Something huge and unknown was calling to me

But something huge and unknown and unprecedented was calling to me and I had to make a decision. Was I going to follow this inner urge even though I didn’t know what it was or where it would lead? Even though I might never find it or it might destroy me?

Or was I going to push it down out of sight and out of mind and live a “normal” life like my parents expected, pretending to myself I never heard this inner call coming from I knew not where?

It was my own true Self calling to me

I know now that it was my own true Self calling to me and it had its own agenda and intentions for me. It was the truth of my own being calling to me, and its message was: “Be free.”

I was a confused, naïve young man grappling with feelings and compulsions I could hardly begin to understand and I was being called to the greatest gift that life has to offer any of us — the gift of true freedom.

So I gave up my familiar life — my parents and my girlfriend too — and traveled to a far off country called British Columbia where I didn’t know a soul and had no particular prospects at all that I knew of.

But what joy I felt as I honored the impulse of my own spirit and boarded a ship called the ss Homeric, which took me from Southamption to Quebec, after which I rode a train across Canada to BC.

Life in a “new world” hasn’t always been comfortable, of course. But I have found that life is trustworthy.

I have discovered that if you trust the truth at the core of your own being,  in its own way and in its own time it will reveal to you a new world of true meaning and happiness that I believe is our true destiny in this world.

As you look at your own life what are you most thankful for?

If you wish why not try answering this question for yourself? Perhaps it would help open new possibilities for you. I’d love to share any thoughts you may have on this theme.

You can create a new life at any age

In a way this post ties in with the online course I’m working on, entitled “How to look (and feel) 10 years younger in four weeks: The true promise and potential of aging.” 

Because the truth is you can create a new life for yourself at any age – whether you are 21 or 91 as my friend Steven Aitchison put it in a recent email.

I’m happy to say I’m coming along very well with this course and expect to offer it in just a few weeks. 

Meanwhile what are your thoughts or concerns about aging? What questions would you ask a loving deity if you had the chance? I’d love to hear from you on this theme and your input would be most helpful to me. Bye for now and blesssings to you.

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