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Two ways to help Japan

There are two ways to help the people of Japan in their terrifying ordeal. One is to offer material assistance such as money or services.

The other kind of help is less visible, but perhaps equally important — to maintain a calm, compassionate spirit in this situation anchored in the unconquerable spirit of our own being.

My friend Mary Jaksch has written a great post on this theme.  But healing and transformation in Japan — and in all the rest of the world –surely depends on this calm center that is the true potential of each one of us.

How can we find a place of calm within ourselves?

How do we do this? How do we find a place of calm within ourselves that feels the sadness, terror, and fear of this world — feels it deeply — and yet is not overwhelmed by what it feels?

Does such a place of calm even exist?

A huge evolutionary shift is at work

It obviously does exist. The people of Japan give living proof that it exists.

I believe a huge evolutionary shift is at work in our world in these days that will assist us, even in the presence of unimaginable tragedy, to know and express the timeless peace at the core of being.

It is who we truly are, and it is just waiting to be uncovered more fully in our own experience.

It is your true wealth — the source of all true happiness — and it is present as I say even in the midst of unimaginable pain and suffering.

Two steps to a place of calm

Two steps seem to be required if we are to know healing and wholeness and come to a place of true calm in ourselves.

1. Change our mind

We have to be willing to change our mind about what is important and what is not important. We have to be willing to see, for example, that ultimately true wealth does not exist in our environment but in ourselves.

2. Be still

And we have to be willing to be still. You don’t hear much about stillness in this world. Perhaps it’s because we are frightened of it.

But I find, as I open my heart to stillness, that the answer to fear and dismay is always present with me.  It does not come from some far-off place. It comes from the light of my own presence, the light of my own being. 

As one of my favorite sages, Ramana Mahashi once said, “Be still. What could be easier than that?”

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