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Getting rid of the ache in our lives

It’s never too soon or too late to reconnect with what is timeless, and changeless, and deathless in you — the truth at the core of your own being.

You don’t have to be in a special building to do this, although of course there is nothing wrong with being in a special building.

You don’t have to be in some exotic place on the face of the globe — and it doesn’t even matter if it’s a special, obviously magical moment or not. More or less any moment will do.

You can commune with what is sacred and free in yourself in a temple, in a coffee shop, in a library or on a hilltop. Beside a rippling stream, or in the midst of a crowd in a supermarket.

Finding true peace for the first time

I was 18 when I consciously experienced for the first time  the timeless peace at the core of my existence.

I was a reporter on a South London newspaper, and on this particular evening, had gone to a concert in the Royal Festival Hall in London. As the concert was coming to a close, without any warning, I drifted into an experience of inner peace and calm unlike anything I had ever known.

As the program ended and people began getting to their feet, chatting to each other, shrugging into their coats, I looked around for a moment, bewildered.

Hadn’t they experienced the same thing I experienced? Well, maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. But as I joined the throng wending its way toward the exit, I realized that whatever had happened to me during the concert — I was back in the “normal” world now, and I’d better get used to it.

5 steps to surrender

What does it take to stop being pushed this way and that by the world’s noisy, insistent clamor and be guided instead by the timeless wisdom of our own being speaking to us in the stillness of our heart?

Here are some steps that I have found are necessary. Of course, if you have some more suggestions, I would love to hear them.

 1. Acknowledge our longing to be whole.

2. Be willing to face the unknown and the stillness at the core of our existence.

 3. Feel our pain and fear no matter how excruciating it may be.

4. Keep on keeping on.

5. Accept the beauty and perfection at the core of our being.

The joy of surrender

I love some words that my friend Gail Brenner wrote on the subject of surrender at her blog, A Flourishing Life:

“Surrender has been on my radar recently. I see how clinging to any thought form or wish or object takes so much effort. And inherent to the clinging is a subversive story of “me.” I want, I need, I expect, I think, I should. It’s exhausting and endless. Unless you surrender.

“Letting go of the attachment to “me” is so relaxing, like floating in space. By surrendering, you put down your defenses and realize the power of being one with now. You enter the flow and let life be lived through you.”

Not a burden

Surrendering to the truth of our existence is not a burden. It doesn’t require any effort. As Gail says, it’s “like floating in space.”

We still feel the push and pull of emotions and external events, mind you. But the ache is gone from our lives, replaced by a sense of increasing wholeness — a love for what is eternally happy and eternally free.

It has been calling to us all our life, just waiting to welcome us home.

Please share any thoughts you may have on these ideas.  And please watch for newsletter arriving soon now.

With blessings. Be well.

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