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The Happy Seeker’s 5 “blogs with heart” for November

One of the joys of blogging for me is meeting people in faraway places — or nearby places — who share a similar passion and love for what is true and beautiful in the human spirit. Every time I meet a kindred spirit in this way my heart wants to do a little dance.

I thought it might be of interest, perhaps once a month, to write a post about some of the remarkable bloggers I meet in my blogging journey.

So without further ado — here are 5 “blogs with heart” for November. Of course, these are all in the personal growth niche.

 1. Less Ordinary Living  (Phil Bolton)

A guide to taking control of your career, growing your startup business or creating a balanced lifestyle.”

Phil Bolton is a professional coach with four years experience helping clients take control of their career and bring their business ideas to life.

After graduating from Cambridge University in England, Phil qualified as an accountant and spent the first 10 years of his career in client service with Deloitte in London and San Francisco. He then took a leap of faith and changed his career, qualifying in 2007 as a coach with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

He started his practice, Less Ordinary Living, in 2008. Says Phil, “I haven’t looked back since — I love every minute.”

2. Graceful balance (Emma)

Living a balanced life filled with joy and harmony.”

Here’s what Emma has to say about herself and her blog:

“I am Clearly Composed (aka Emma) a freelance writer, daydreaming, domestic goddess, budding athlete and eternal soul dedicated to sharing the development of a healthy and balanced life filled with wellness, personal fulfillment, beauty and joy. Welcome to my corner of the Internet. Won’t you come in?”

Emma is a remarkable young woman who has certainly touched me and inspired me with her beautiful spirit.

 3. Illuminated mind (Jonathan Mead)

“Don’t read this website if you want ordinary. Only if you want to live on your own terms.”

Jonathan Mead is a young man with a big heart who helped me immeasurably when I was looking for some encouragement and direction re my first e-book. Here are quotes from his site at random:

“Since a young age, I’ve had a hard time doing things that I don’t want to do. I started this blog to help others on that path, because I realized what we often view as “collective wisdom” is merely a big, collective assumption.

“I also found out that a lot of ideas I thought were crazy and counter intuitive actually produced the best results. It’s these non-standard strategies that I’m most interested in. The edges of life tend to fascinate me the most.”


4. Happiness and wisdom (Heather and Michael)

“It’s all about happiness!”

I’ve only just got acquainted with Heather and Michael, authors of this blog, but look forward to developing a greater connection with them.

Here is a quote from their welcome message: “We welcome you to our site and hope that you’ll check back often as we write about happiness, review products and offer you tools you can use to quickly develop happiness and wisdom necessary to create your happy life.”

5. The Second Half of My Life (Marion Anderson)

Success tactics for the game of life”

Marion lives in a small Scottish town called Peebles. By chance a neighbor lent me some copies of a fancy Brit magazine called ‘Realm’ that had a picture of Peebles. It looked so charming.

Marion is a sweet, generous-hearted woman with a wonderful spirit. An ICF accredited life and business coach, she describes herself as an “entrepreneur, coach and lover of life who is passionate about personal development and about living the best life that you can.”

The most beautiful things must be felt with the heart

So there we are. I do hope you enjoyed this little exploration into the remarkable world of personal growth blogs. For my part, some words of the great spiritual pioneer Helen Keller come to mind:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

I would never downplay the importance and essential contribution of our mind. But surely it is through our heart that we can really know another person — just as it is also through our heart that we can come to know the truth of ourselves.

We live in troubled times, but magical times. Blessings to all. I’m still working on starting a Happy Seeker newsletter, please stay tuned!

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