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Is there any greater joy than finding a true friend?

Is there any greater joy than finding a true friend?

When we do find a kindred spirit with whom we can share our thoughts and our lives—perhaps the burdens or joys of our heart — how it lifts our spirit.

One new friend who has appeared in my life since I started this adventure of blogging is Gail Brenner, Ph.D, of A Flourishing Life. A couple of days ago Gail honored me and four other bloggers with the Beautiful Blogger Award.

The award comes with two requests. I’m asked to tell you seven things about myself that you may not know, and then pass the Award on to five other bloggers. So here goes.

Seven things you may not know about me

 1. I’ve been working out at the gym for about eight years and find it a tremendous blessing in my life. I especially enjoy resistance training, which I do three times a week. Doing what I can to build or maintain some physical strength seems to have a positive effect on every other level of my experience.

 2. I love my coffee shop just as much as my gym. I enjoy the coffee — the only cup I have really during a day. But most of all I enjoy simply relaxing in a warm, comfortable environment where I can read a book and think my thoughts – all the while observing the people around me and loving the people around me.

3. I like going down to the creek at the back of our townhome complex and listening to the sound of running water.

4. I also love the sound of crickets in the evening, the cries of birds, and watching the ravens at our nearby shopping mall.

 5. I’m a walker. Maybe I inherited this from my Dad, who with a friend once walked all around the coast of Cornwall.

 6. I have a son named Durwin, and three grandchildren, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

 7. After spending much of my life trying to keep myself from getting drenched by rain in England or frozen by the cold winters in the interior of British Columbia — I give thanks every day for the sunshine in Colorado.

 And now I have the honor of presenting the Beautiful Blogger Award to the following bloggers, each of whom inspires me so much.


 1. Lori Franklin of Jane Be Nimble. “Striving for an agile body and mind.” I have not met a kinder, more determined, more generous-hearted soul.

   2. Keith Smith of Straight Up Living. “Life is now … don’t wait.” I love Keith’s compassion and strength. They belong together, don’t they?

  3. Patti Foy of Lightspirited Being. “Shine even brighter.” You’ll love Patti the moment you see her wise, smiling face on her site.

  4. Joe Wilner of Shake Off The Grind. “Advice for thriving, not just surviving.” Joe is totally dedicated to helping people stay strong and confident and motivated in these difficult times.

  5. Bill Gerlach of The New Pursuit. “One life. One planet. Live deeply.” Such a warm, positive, helpful spirit.

I wish I could mention some more blogs

I’m so sorry the rules say I can only name 5 “beautiful bloggers” in this post when there are so many more wonderful bloggers I would like to mention.

But I’m thinking of starting a monthly feature in November along the lines of “Top 5 bloggers for the month.” I’d really appreciate any help you could give me in this. If you have some favorite bloggers you’d like to honor do please pass them on to me.

A warm welcome to new subscribers

It’s time to go. But not before I offer best wishes and a warm welcome to the more than 300 new subscribers who have signed up for my blog (and downloaded my new ebook, The Wisdom of Serenity) in just the past 3 or 4 days.

A particular thank you to the bloggers and other friends who helped make this possible by encouraging me and publicizing the launch of my new book. I would especially mention my friend and mentor, Steven Aitchison, at Change Your Thoughts, Lori Franklin, at Janebenimble, and Jonathan Mead, at Illuminated Mind.

What a surprise it has been

The dramatic increase in subscribers has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I was practically glued to the computer. I’m still a minnow, of course, in blogging terms, up from 100 subscribers and now approaching the 500 mark.

But after a long haul I feel there’s a bit of wind in my sails at last. What a surprise it has been, oh yes. But that’s how life likes to work, isn’t it? That’s what it’s so good at.

Surely the seed of friendship and generosity is alive and flourishing even in these difficult times.


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