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Trust your own being and be free

Taking my tea with me, I went outside early this morning to sit on my porch for a few minutes, as I usually do. I like to admire the beautiful Colorado morning and, of course, the big blue spruce tree that sits the other side of the little walking path outside our front door.

Just as I sit down, as if on cue, a flock of tiny birds arrives in the blue spruce tree to do some foraging.

Trust your own being and be free

I'm aware that my mind is quite active thinking about the challenges and happenings of the next few weeks, but so what?

For instance, a friend at Empty Cabin Media, in the mountains of North Carolina, will be upgrading my blog to a Thesis theme this week.

Now that my new e-book, The Wisdom of Serenity, is finished, I have to figure out how to let the world know about this , and how to make it available for a free download on my blog, etc etc.

Then there's a tooth that is causing concern, and so on and so forth…

Stillness is present too

But mental activity is not all that is going on in me this lovely fall morning in which the air tastes like chilled champagne. Stillness is present too. And from its immutable depths a comforting thought arises:

"Trust your own being and be free -- everything will work out just fine."

The simplicity and ease of life

How simple and easy and elegant life is when we live it properly.

Are you beset by a sea of responsibilities? That may be true in the realm of form created by the mind.

But step back from that noisy world for a moment.

Remember the peace of your own timeless being, unperturbed and untroubled by anything that is going on in your external world.

Relax in that peace and know that while in one sense you obviously have many responsibilities, in another sense you only have one. 

It never changes. It simply asks that we trust the stillness and wisdom of our own being -- like the adorable otter in the above picture.

Any thoughts about busyness or responsibility or otters or anything else that comes to mind? I'd love to hear from you.

PS If you'd like your own advance copy of my free ebook please let me know.

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Maria Frid September 28, 2010 at 9:03 am

How easily distracted we get as human beings. Some of those distractions work for us or for our ego. “See how busy I am, so I must be very important.”

Interestingly enough, the people I know who are the busiest are usually the most organized and present. I’ve realized in my own life that time stretches when one lives in the moment. As you put it, there is only one thing to do.

Focusing on the job or issue at hand allows us to do the job well, thus there is a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplisment that wells up and spills over to the next project and the next…. And by the end of the day we realize all that needed to be done was done.

It is so much easier to live in the present moment than to live in the anxiety of busyness. Chris, I would love to receive an advance copy of your ebook!


Christopher Foster September 28, 2010 at 12:31 pm

Maria, thank you so much for your comment and for your support and interest in my blog. It’s always a great pleasure to hear from you. That is quite a paradox isn’t it, how the really busy people often don’t project busyness, far from it, they project that “calm center” — yet see how much is happening because of that still core.

Thanks for your interest in my book Maria, it will be on its way shortly. Love and blessings.


Lulin Zheng September 28, 2010 at 10:29 am

Beautiful article, Chris, like always. Recently, you have mentioned a couple of times in your articles that we have to sit still and trust our own wisdom. And also we will be able to find the wisdom if we can allow ourselves to be still. I couldn’t agree more.

I have been practicing meditation for an hour each morning for a while and this daily exercise has an amazing effect on my body, mind and spirit. It helps me let go of the past with compassion, embrace the present moment with gratitude and look into the future with confidence.

Thank you for such a beautiful article to read on a quiet fall morning. Your words are so beautiful and vivid that I feel like I can see you sitting there enjoying the fall.

I would love to have an advanced copy of your e-book, if I may ask.

Best wishes,


Christopher Foster September 28, 2010 at 12:10 pm

Always such a pleasure to hear from you Lulin. Every time I do hear from you it makes me think of Vancouver where my son Durwin and his wife and family live. A beautiful city to be sure. Congratulations on your meditation work, it sounds like you are making great progress. Thank you for your request for the book and I’ll have it off for you in a jiffy.
Love and blessings.


NEIL SALKA September 28, 2010 at 11:14 am

Hi Chris – yes. I’d DEFINITELY like an advance copy. thank you.

One time many years ago, in the 70’s, I was at Pt. Lobos in the big sur below monterey bay, california. I walked out to a promontory overlooking the sea kelp beds, marvelling at the sheer beauty of the scene that lay before me.

I figured it was all “good medicine” and no doubt sacred ground that Native Americans cherished also. A seagull was nearby and i mentally greeted it as i admired its shape and feathers, and almost instantaneously the bird starting spreading its wings and preening itself. What a show off!

But what was perhaps the most magical scene of all was an otter just below me. ‘He’ was in the beds of kelp, floating on his back while banging the heck out of an abalone shell on its stomach. I was transfixed as the otter ate for awhile, then dove and disappeared, to reappear again and repeat its on-its-back abalone bashing and eating.

What a carefree and happy otter! Bon Appetite.


Christopher Foster September 28, 2010 at 12:03 pm

Thanks so much for this comment Neil. I was right there with you that day at the Big Sur. Such a pleasure to share your experience and your tale of the otter — magical indeed. Isn’t it interesting how some experiences stay with us all our life even though sometimes on the surface they weren’t all THAT extraordinary. But there was “magic” and we never forget…

The book is on its way. Thanks for your interest, and if you like it don’t hesitate to pass it on.


Christina Pivarnik September 28, 2010 at 12:10 pm

Love this, Chris! I’m often whirling around with so much to accomplish and in the midst I seek to stay still at the center of it all. Doesn’t always quite work, but when it does, at the end of the day my revelation is similar to what Maria so eloquently articulated. I’m looking forward to making the time to read your e-book!


Christopher Foster September 28, 2010 at 12:22 pm

Hi Christina. Thanks so much for stopping by here and leaving a comment. I love your image of staying still at the center of the busyness…busyness is part of our human condition isn’t it? I don’t think we can do too much to change that, but we sure can change the approach we take toward it. And if it doesn’t always quite work, as you say, that’s okay– we are treading a path of true sanity and it is going to have its effect.

Our life stands for something. We stand for that still, calm center at the center of the chaos and it’s a good place to be and it’s what we are here to do. Love and blessings Christina.


Robin Easton September 29, 2010 at 8:17 pm

Dearest Christopher,

I can’t tell you how much this post means to me. We must be in a similar place. I’ve been pondering this today while I worked, as I’ve have quite a load on my plate lately. Tonight at dusk I went for a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood, wanting to be on the mountain, but grateful to be out walking before it got dark.

As I walked I felt that I am trying to learn to let go that which I don’t need, whether that is certain things in my work, or things in my home, or things in my thoughts and feelings.

I guess, dear friend, I am just trying to let go and trust. Trust that I can let go and operate within “my” capacity, without over extending, and that all will still happen as it needs to. I do what I can and then let go.

There is such peace here at your blog. I’ve been tweeting your posts because I think you offer the world much peace, a calm haven.

I love these lines: “Trust your own being and be free — everything will work out just fine.”

That brought tears to my eyes. I think you put that out there for me. It is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today, and right now in my life. I need to trust that not only can I let go and trust the process of Life, but I can trust my instincts as I move into the world with my book. Yes, I can listen to others, but more importantly I must listen to my own knowing heart, and listen to the stillness of stars and growing flowers. I must act upon the ease of my being and born-with instincts. They have never let me down. Also, to allow myself my own humanity, which includes making mistakes and learning as I go.

I can allow myself to simply let go.

You are a beautiful gentle soul Christopher with soothing that the world so badly needs.

Sending you much love and blessings my dear friend.


Responding to your words here was a meditation for me. Thank you Chris.


Christopher Foster September 30, 2010 at 11:20 am

My dear friend Robin, how I love hearing from you. I think you must be a soul-sister if there is such a thing me being a guy and only child — certainly what you write about is very much part of my own experience.

It seems to me a creative tension comes into play in our lives from time to time that goes something like this. We have a dream, something we want to do, to offer to the world, and of course we want to give it our very best and to see it succeed. How could we not? It’s our “baby” and we want to see it grow and prosper (Like I want to see my blog grow and prosper Robin, really begin to grow subscribers like an alpine meadow growing wildflowers).

But then exactly as you say in your exquisite comment there’s something else that’s also very important — and its keeping our inner equilibrium — our basic sense of ease and peace and well-being. Because if we lose that, where are we?

Riding the waves of this apparent paradox in a creative way is what we’re here to do I believe…and it’s good to be sharing the journey and the mission with you Robin.

Love and blessings.


Steven H September 30, 2010 at 8:49 am

This was so relaxing to read! I wish I had some Colorado scenery to bask in. Unfortunately, I must make do with my suburban lifestyle (peace can be found, it’s just not as pretty!)

Congratulations on your new book. How long is it and how long have you been working on it?
Steven H recently posted..To Catch An Insight


Christopher Foster September 30, 2010 at 10:27 am

Good to hear from you Steven. Thanks for visiting. I try not to feel too guilty about the fact I live in Colorado. After all, someone has got to live here, don’t they, and I really do think I’ve earned it after living all my growing up years in rainy, depressing London…… and then — get this — living for about 36 years in a place called the Cariboo in the interior of British Columbia where winter was about 10 months long (small exaggeration there — but it sure seemed that way at times) and sometimes dipped to 20-40 below….

The book is 25 pages long Steven, took me about 3 months. It kind of started on its own one morning when I got an impulse to write a series of thoughts about different things. It’s not a ‘dense’ book, more a book of essences I would say.


Tess The Bold Life October 2, 2010 at 12:00 pm

I’d love an advance copy of your ebook. We can do an interview as well. I can give your blog some exposure.Tess
Tess The Bold Life recently posted..Relationships that Nurture Your Spirit


Christopher Foster October 2, 2010 at 7:16 pm

Thank you so much for your kind note Tess. I appreciate your interest and support immensely. I sent the book off to you a few moments ago but please hold off on the wonderful offer to do an interview until I finish an upgrade on my blog and get the ebook posted for download, approx mid-October.

So happy to be getting to know you Tess. I always love going to your blog and seeing your friendly, smiling face. Every good wish.


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