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Trust your own being and be free

Taking my tea with me, I went outside early this morning to sit on my porch for a few minutes, as I usually do. I like to admire the beautiful Colorado morning and, of course, the big blue spruce tree that sits the other side of the little walking path outside our front door.

Just as I sit down, as if on cue, a flock of tiny birds arrives in the blue spruce tree to do some foraging.

Trust your own being and be free

I’m aware that my mind is quite active thinking about the challenges and happenings of the next few weeks, but so what?

For instance, a friend at Empty Cabin Media, in the mountains of North Carolina, will be upgrading my blog to a Thesis theme this week.

Now that my new e-book, The Wisdom of Serenity, is finished, I have to figure out how to let the world know about this , and how to make it available for a free download on my blog, etc etc.

Then there’s a tooth that is causing concern, and so on and so forth…

Stillness is present too

But mental activity is not all that is going on in me this lovely fall morning in which the air tastes like chilled champagne. Stillness is present too. And from its immutable depths a comforting thought arises:

“Trust your own being and be free — everything will work out just fine.”

The simplicity and ease of life

How simple and easy and elegant life is when we live it properly.

Are you beset by a sea of responsibilities? That may be true in the realm of form created by the mind.

But step back from that noisy world for a moment.

Remember the peace of your own timeless being, unperturbed and untroubled by anything that is going on in your external world.

Relax in that peace and know that while in one sense you obviously have many responsibilities, in another sense you only have one. 

It never changes. It simply asks that we trust the stillness and wisdom of our own being — like the adorable otter in the above picture.

Any thoughts about busyness or responsibility or otters or anything else that comes to mind? I’d love to hear from you.

PS If you’d like your own advance copy of my free ebook please let me know.

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