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Where’s your special place?

Where’s your special place?

Where do you  go to  find some happiness and relaxation and peace?

For my Dad, I’m sure it was his local pub. My wife, JoAnn, would probably say her quilting room.

For me, I love being with Nature. It doesn’t have to be an exotic place faraway — just a little bit of Nature will do, a tree, a creek, or a plot of flowers in a park or city street that’s handy and easily accessible…

It helps, of course, if my special place is beautiful. But how can it not be beautiful? We are talking about Nature, and the natural world is beautiful even when surrounded by garbage or zillion tons of concrete.

The important thing, I have found, is to build an increasing sense of love and appreciation for my special place over time. This isn’t hard to do, because when you reconnect with Nature, you reconnect with yourself — and it’s wonderful.

You discover a new sense of connection with the fountain of peace and happiness bubbling up every moment from the depth of your being.

How a creek gave me peace

I lived for many years in a small village in British Columbia, where amongst other things I was editor of the local newspaper for a while.

It was a lot of work at times, and I still remember the relief I felt one day when I finally finished putting together a special tourist edition that I thought would never get done.

To say I was drained would have been putting it mildlly. As soon as the job was finished I walked to a nearby park and found a special place beside a creek where I had been going for years.

I threw myself down on my back on the grass, stretched out my arms — and breathed in the beauty of the surroundings and the sweet summer air.

Do people say Heaven is after we die? I think it’s here already, if I have eyes open to see it.

The sanctuary of our own authentic presence

I have found nourishment and communion with Nature all my life.

There is a paradox here, mind you. In my latter years, I have learned that in one sense we don’t have to go anywhere.

All we need to do is to be still for a few moments, and hear the serene voice of our own authentic presence calling to us, undismayed by the noise and anguish of the world.

The healing power of Nature has blessed me in so many ways. But what works for you? Where do you go for healing and happiness and restoration?

Please share.

The lines are open…

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