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Find serenity, find happiness — message of new ebook

For a long, long time — for whatever reason — I lived my life in a kind of cocoon. It was a state of numbness in which I felt isolated from the rest of the world. I may have looked peaceful on the outside, but inside there was mostly pain.

Fun? I scarcely knew what the word meant.

The strange thing is that I wasn’t really aware of this sorry state of affairs. Having grown up that way, I accepted it, I suppose — it seemed natural. But then one day, in its grace and compassion, life intervened.

How I found true peace and serenity

I think I’ve mentioned before how a few years ago a terrible depression descended upon me and nearly destroyed me. But instead — it set me free.

I emerged with a sense of stillness and inner peace I had never known before, and an increasing experience of what I think of as authentic happiness — the happiness of my own eternal being.

I touch on this to set the stage for an announcement concerning a new book I have almost completed. It’s a short e-book with the working title: The Power of Serenity: 23 thoughts to help you find authentic happiness.”

Look for free e-book download

I plan to offer this e-book as a free download sometime during the next few weeks, and hope very much you will take a few moments of your valuable time to take a look at it.

You’ve got to admit — clicking a download button on your computer and seeing a book appear before your eyes as if by magic at no cost to you is pretty cool, don’t you think?

I say this even though I am the author of five print books — the last a story about a young raven that was translated into 11 foreign languages — and will no doubt continue to browse in proper bookshops as long as I live.

The thoughts that I share in The Power of Serenity are all quite concise. As I say, I seek to share something of the essence of what I’ve learned in life and continue to learn. It’s a mix of personal experiences and, well, thoughts.

Some of the titles in The Power of Serenity

Here are some of the titles from the book that I hope will give you an idea of what to expect:

“You are not your role;” “Creation loves the sound of your voice”; “Be still, and know”; “The joy on the other side of despair”; “Let’s look at death”;” The secret of resilience”; “Defeat is not a possibility”; “Life is so simple”; “Trusting your inner voice”; “See the Angel in everyone”; “Your true name is bliss”; “An answer to stress.”

I thought that you might also like to read an actual extract from the book entitled “The Power of Surrender.”

The Power of Surrender

“It’s rare for my wife JoAnn and I to get in a fight anymore, but we did the other morning.

“It wasn’t a big fight, and it didn’t last long, but it was intense while it lasted. We worked through the situation as best we could and I retired to my office muttering to myself that I needed to get back to work.

“But it didn’t take long to realize that wasn’t the first order of business. It was much more important just to be still, and let my connection with the core of myself be renewed.

“And so I sat back in my chair and just let everything go. When thoughts about the argument rose up clamoring for attention – or any other thoughts — I let them all go. And as I did this I became more and more aware of the stillness and peace that is always with us at the core of our being.

“It doesn’t come from some external source. It doesn’t come from a book, or from another person, or even from a belief. It is our own peace, and all we have to do to reconnect with it is surrender. Then there it is — bathing our mind and heart with bliss, washing away the tension in our body.”

Finding true meaning and purpose in our life

I look  forward to offering The Power of Serenity to you. When you write a book, and put it out there, what you’re really doing is offering a bit of yourself, your own spirit. So there’s some trepidation going on. But if we don’t offer our gift what use is our life?

I’ve always loved something Walt Whitman said about this in Leaves of Grass:

“Camerado! This is no book; Who touches this, touches a man;

(Is it night? Are we here alone?) It is I you hold, and who holds you;

I spring from the pages into your arms.”

Walt Whitman was my hero and guiding light when I was a young man searching for the meaning of life in what I perceived as a meaningless middle-class British existence.

I carried his book in my pocket for two years, and have often marveled at how truths conveyed long ago by someone who is no longer present in human form can bless the lives of those who follow.

I hope you will enjoy my book when it becomes available very shortly.

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Walt Whitman pic: Wikimedia creative commons

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