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How to make change a friend and not a foe

Learning to make change a friend is critical to happiness and inner peace.

It’s a skill that should come as naturally to us as learning to walk. But unfortunately, from the moment we are born into this world we tend to become conditioned into twisted, limited beliefs and behaviors that cripple the natural experience of life.

Here are five steps that will help you reconnect with the true ease and buoyancy of life so that change ceases to be a foe and does indeed become a friend — possibly your best friend in the entire world.

 1. Listen to your heart.

We tend to hold our mind and its opinions in high esteem in the Western world, and that’s not necessarily wrong.

Unfortunately, however, the mind doesn’t always see the whole picture. It can be very rigid and unbending at times — which of course sets us up for a painful collision when we encounter change.

You will be able to handle change much better when you also listen to the unique wisdom and insights your heart has to share.

 2. Follow your dream.

Follow your dream. Be true to your dream.

We all have a gift to give, and a mission to fulfill in life. When you realize that change is essential to manifesting your dreams, you see change with new eyes — you welcome it, and applaud it even though what appears may not always be quite what you expected.

3. Be resilient.

Be resilient. When it comes to handling change with ease and confidence, resilience is our number one ally and friend.

You do not have to go looking for resilience. Resilience already exists at the core of your being. When change comes — perhaps in the form of loss or loneliness, for example — call on resilience to help you meet the challenge that lies before you. Be like a tree. Bend, but do not break.

4. Be humble.

Humility is an essential attribute if we are to experience change as a friend and not a foe.

Why humility is so important is that it does not have preconceived ideas of what is good and what is bad; so change is able to work through us in a much easier, more relaxed manner.

5. Be bold.

Be bold. There is magic in it. There are times when we must be bold if we are to meet life effectively and embrace the opportunity to grow and follow our dream, whatever it may be.

Sometimes a door opens but we know it is not going to stay open for too long and it can be scary. It’s like jumping into a pond. You just have to jump…

But as long as you know you are doing your very best to be true to yourself all will be well. Everything will work out just fine. 

There is something beautiful and magnificent that wants to happen in our lives. Let us make change our friend — so that we may fulfill our destiny and manifest our bliss.

Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you. ‘Bye for now.

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