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Is happiness looking for you?

Are you looking for happiness? A lot of people are. But did you ever stop to think that happiness is looking for you and has been looking for you with utmost love and determination since the moment you were born?

I’m not talking about surface happiness here, mind you, the pleasure that we might derive from going to a movie or spending time with friends.

Lasting happiness

I’m talking about lasting happiness — the deep, irrevocable happiness of our own being — happiness so deep that it fills every fiber of our body and mind and soul with bliss and never goes away.

The cosmos must have a good laugh (or cry) about all this once in awhile, because that which would make us truly happy and whole and at peace is never going to stop looking for us. Yet as long as we keep ignoring it or trying to hide from it, looking for happiness on our own terms — we actually make ourselves very unhappy and troubled.

Where true happiness and peace reside

Here are four ways you can resolve this situation and come out from the shadows, so to speak, so that you reconnect with the truth of your own being where all true happiness and peace reside.

1. (This is an important one). Be kind to yourself.

Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. And most importantly, forgive yourself. It is amazing how much you’ve handled in your life, and how far you’ve come.

2. Think about something beautiful.

Stop thinking about all the troubles in your life or in the world and think about something beautiful. My dad, who lived until he was 95, and liked to say he could put his medical history on the back of a postage stamp, told me once that he made a point of thinking about something beautiful, a happy memory, every night before he went to sleep.

3. Stop being so busy

Stop being so busy for a moment and simply surrender to the stillness that is calling to you in every moment.

4. Give thanks for the stillness

Give thanks for the stillness even if it makes you uncomfortable — which of course it will, because this is what stillness does. Consider the possibility that this apparent emptiness is the very face of the happiness you have been looking for so long.

Do you have any thoughts on this line of thinking? I’d love to hear from you. It may seem as if we’re strangers — ships passing pass in the night — but I don’t believe it for a moment.

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