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Power of patience critical to lasting happiness

The power of patience is all too easily overlooked in our fast paced culture. But it’s absolutely critical to lasting happiness and inner peace.

True, with more and more people demanding immediate gratification it might seem patience has become obsolete.

But whatever your age, and whatever your life situation, nurturing this calm and noble quality will yield the same rich rewards today that it always has throughout the entire run of human history.

Of course, it goes without saying that patience can never really be isolated from any of the other qualities of our own true character. “Patience is the companion of wisdom,” said St. Augustine, and he was absolutely right. Patience needs the balance of wisdom – and it needs the balance of courage too.

Here are 5 reasons why the power of patience is so important in your life.

 1. You need the power of patience to fulfill your dreams.

If you are short of patience, even though your dream may be an admirable one, you will simply not have the strength and persistence necessary to sustain you through the inevitable disappointments and setbacks that life brings.

2. You need patience to become whole.

 What was true in ages past is still true today. “Let patience have her perfect works, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

 3. Patience is required to fully forgive.

Often, we may think we have forgiven someone – perhaps God himself – for some past injustice, but then the pain and resentment rise up in us again. Do we give up, and allow negative emotions to fester freely in us until we die?

Or do we summon the Angel of patience to our aid and forgive at a deeper level?

4. Patience makes it possible to see another person in a truer light.

It takes time and perseverance to see through our first impressions — which may or may not be all that accurate – and come to know the real person behind the outer mask.

 5. The power of patience nourishes all other human virtues.

As St. Augustine suggested, if we want to develop wisdom, we will need the help of its companion, patience. Or how about compassion? Perhaps some people are born with naturally compassionate natures — but it’s my guess that even compassion needs the nourishment of patience at times.

Perhaps patience is in my mind at the moment because JoAnn and I are still hard at work making improvements to our new home. Fortunately the well of patience hasn’t run dry yet…

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