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Trust God: 5 things we can learn from a blue spruce tree

Trust God — the one true being back of all things — because it is the very base of all true power, happiness and well-being.

I’m reminded of this simple truth each morning when I step outside to admire the magnificent blue spruce tree that grows just outside our front door.

There are at least five ways in which this noble tree teaches me and inspires me. I thought I would outline them for you because I believe they are very relevant to us as we seek to find our place or keep our footing in this rapidly changing world.

1. It does not resist life.

When the weather is kind, and the air is still, the blue spruce tree is also still, and peaceful — unmoving.

But the tree trusts God. It is not attached to peacefulness. When a storm blows up — as can happen very quickly here in the foothills of the Rockies — its branches move effortlessly back and forth, offering no resistance to even the fiercest gusts.

 2. It is content to be where it is.

The close proximity of this beautiful tree was a big plus for me when we first considered buying our new home.

How glad and thankful I am that it trusts God and is content to prosper and grow where it is planted. Because of this I know that the blue spruce tree will still be there this evening when I go outside and sit on my bench again to admire it.

Even so, let us trust God and grow where we are planted — in the fertile soil of our own timeless, untouchable being.

 3. It is persistent.

Because it trusts God, the blue spruce tree — one of my best friends in all the natural world — just keeps growing no matter what.

But we have a responsibility to keep growing too, don’t we?

4. It connects earth and sky.

The blue spruce tree is a bridge between earth and sky. It reminds me that this is my purpose also — to trust God in my living, and be a bridge between the world of spirit and the external world.

 5. Last but not least — the tree inspires by its presence.

What draws me to the blue spruce? Why is it so beautiful? Why does it evoke in me such strong feelings of love and admiration?

This tree is utterly mute insofar as words go. It inspires by its presence —  something sweet, strong, and unconquerable, characterized by love and trust and respect for a larger whole that ultimately is indefinable.

Picture credit:http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2757/4400881070_213c73f19c_m.jpg

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