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Power of kindness can change your life

Yesterday was a special day for me, filled with magic, as every day should be. My first guest post was published by a new friend in the blogosphere named Steven Aitchison, who runs a high-powered personal development blog in the UK.

The post is about the power of kindness and its potential to transform our lives – not by fighting with our circumstances but by expressing a strong, kindhearted spirit in the little moments of everyday living.

Title of the post is: “Looking for peace in troubled times?” It’s still up at Steven’s blog and I’d be tickled pink if you hop on over and take a look at it.

Power of kindness in action

Part of the magic that I touched yesterday was reading and responding to the many people — 16 at last count — who wrote a comment in response to the post I had written.

As I read the various comments I was touched by a common theme that ran through each one, to let our life be truly worthwhile, and to express the power of kindness and compassion in the little moments of our lives.

Where truth and integrity are held dear

I’ve been convinced for a long time that there is a body of people in this world spread across every continent and culture in whom truth and integrity are held dear no matter what is happening in the external environment.

The following words from one of the comments speak for this unknown but vitally important, utterly unconquerable tribe:

“In this manic modern world full of a drive for having, wanting and getting, simple human attributes such as kindness have gone off the radar. Posts like yours hopefully will change that. Kindness brings us together, connects us, and breaks down barriers of all types. We need to be more kind because, after all, we are one race called humanKIND. It’s a clue about what we are really here for.”

Kindness cannot be forced

As was emphasized in many of the comments, kindness cannot be forced but must appear naturally. In this regard I love the following quote from A Kinder World.

“One cannot invent kind acts by searching for people to be kind to or by brainstorming ideas about kindness. Life is all around us and all life needs kindness…. most of the time, it just takes a tiny word, a scribbled line of thought, an act of sympathy, a smile or a nod in the right time and place to bring sunshine to the life of another person.”

Welcome to my blog

I express my deep gratitude to Steven Aitchison for publishing my guest post on the power of kindness, and thank all those who read the article  or comment on it. Also, a warm welcome to those who visit my blog after reading it.

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