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How to deal with exhaustion

It may be very true that at the core of our being is timeless peace and happiness. But even so, life in this human world can get exhausting in a hurry at times.

A move, for example, can have this effect. Especially if you become aware that your dream home is not without imperfections that need improving or upgrading — even as you are still struggling to unpack innumerable boxes…

What do we do if we realize we are becoming exhausted for some reason, and life is losing its savor? Here are some thoughts on this matter.

Just let everything come to rest

1. The most important response, I find, is to simply let everything come to rest for a moment.

Face the fact that there is nothing you can do in this particular moment to change or improve your outer situation in any way.

What you CAN do and what you need to do is to empty your mind of its busy thoughts and concerns — and receive whatever is present without judgment.

There is enormous power in this step. It opens a channel so that life can begin to flow through you more freely, and the victorious nature of your own spirit can renew itself through you.

Take time to “stand and stare”

2. Take to heart the words of the Welsh poet WH Davies: “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?” Right now, I’m looking out the window of my little study at the beautiful, 30-foot high blue spruce that grows outside the window.

We have only been in our new home a week or two, but during this time this wonderful tree has been quite unmoved and unchanged. It has been itself — a source of strength and peace that reminds me of my own true strength, my own timeless presence.

Dare to bless your world

3. Dare to bless your world. Is there someone you have been judging or condemning in the last week or two? Perhaps a neighbor — perhaps someone on the world scene who has obviously behaved badly and irresponsibly, like one of the leaders of BP?

Take another look at whoever it is.

Remind yourself that even though they may have behaved badly, we are all part of the mixed up state we call human nature — even as at the core of our being we are all unchanged, untroubled, timeless being — already happy, and already free.

Here are three approaches that have helped me deal with exhaustion and re-connect with the stillness and peace of my own being. Do you have any tips of your own you’d like to add?

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