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When life says move — what can you do but move?

MovingIt’s been a wild ride. Let’s see, today is Monday June 7. JoAnn and I moved into our new home in south Denver three days ago after selling our home in Loveland and then – as if by magic really — suddenly and unexpectedly finding a townhome in Denver that we really liked and closing on THAT.

We had to move quickly. We had to trust our best instincts. But it was like there was an invisible timetable at work, so that for one thing we didn’t have to spend a week or a month – maybe three months—in a motel in Denver while we kept looking for a suitable home…

JoAnn thinks we’ve had help from an unseen, gracious hand throughout this whole process — and of course I agree with her.

Our new home isn’t perfect, mind you. It needs some upgrading, some renewing. But from another standpoint it IS perfect, because we truly feel it is the right home for us. It has everything we need, and sits in a wonderfully peaceful spot in a wonderfully landscaped community that really feels like a community.

Pretty little paths wind around the front door of each unit. The neighborhood feels like a little village – an oasis of peace in a busy city — with a hiking trail and shopping close by.

We got our blue spruce at last

A huge evergreen sits outside our living room window. It must be 30 feet tall at least.  When I realized it’s a blue spruce I got all excited.

You see, JoAnn had said she’d like a blue spruce in the front yard of our old home in Loveland, but for one reason or another that never happened. “Look, JoAnn,” I chortled. “Now we have a blue spruce in our front yard and I didn’t have to do a thing.”

The house of bliss waiting for us all

Throughout the intense whirlwind of recent days and weeks I realize yet again, as I sit at a typewriter in a local library (my own computer won’t be online until Thursday) that above and beyond any external, material home is our true home.

It is the house of being — the house of bliss – that is always with us, available to be experienced in every moment of life. It never wears out. It never needs any repairs. No one can ever take it away from you.

This inner home is the home of an inner peace that never fails. It is with us always.  All we have to do is to be still – and there it is.

I’m rattling this post off rather quickly and I apologize for that. I’m sorry too that things have been a bit quiet at “the happy seeker” for the past couple of weeks. But life has its own timetable, doesn’t it – and what can we do but follow that timetable as best we may, listening as best we may to the wisdom that speaks to us in the quietness of our heart.

My love and best wishes to each one. Be back later this week after I get my computer up and running.

Picture Credit: TheMuuj

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