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How about joining a “network of grace”?


Listened to a great presentation the other evening by Andrew Harvey, author of Way of Passion: a Celebration of Rumi, who has launched a new network called ‘networks of grace,’ www.networksofgrace.org.

It’s patterned after Al Qaeda, believe it or not — because as Harvey said, while the aims of that terrorist organization are abominable, it is very effective. One reason for its effectiveness — it operates on the basis of small cells of six to 15 people.

So Harvey has set up his new networks on the same basis.

In his new book, The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism, Harvey quotes Bill McGibben in The New York Review of Books: “The technology we need most badly is the technology of community, the knowledge about how to cooperate to get things done. Our sense of community is in disrepair.”

Harvey calls for sacred activists to “learn to work together and to form empowering and encouraging ‘networks of grace’ — beings of like heart brought together by passion, skill and serendipity to pool energies, triumphs, griefs, hopes and resources of all kinds.

“When people of like mind and heart gather together, sometimes miraculously powerful synergy can result.”

I’ve been thinking about this. I certainly long for a new experience of community. I believe many people do.

I appreciate what traditional organizations and institutions offer — senior centers, chambers of commerce, churches, and so on. But I believe the Truth in each one of us longs for something leaner, more nimble and more intimate — more capable, perhaps, of accommodating the ever-changing pulsation of spirit.

I wonder. I wonder if right now, in this very moment, as I’m working on this new post, I can take a baby step and simply say how interested I would be in the possibility of creating a “network of grace” with others of “like heart.”

Let me know, won’t you, if this notion causes even a stir of interest? Would love to talk with you about it a bit more.

Picture credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stop_imagine

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