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Listened to your inner voice lately?

“The eye must be something like the sun, otherwise no sunlight could be seen; God's own power must be inside us, how else could godly things delight us?” -- Goethe

I love these words of the great German philosopher, Wolfgang Goethe. They stir my body and my soul. I lived for 34 years in a spiritual community in the interior of British Columbia, and I have never forgotten one of the things my mentor said during a presentation: "There is no god external to ourselves."

Everything changes when we begin to listen to our own divine presence.

This presence is very practical. "What is the right thing in this situation?" It is concerned with what is useful and creative in the present moment just as it is. It's not lost in communion with the Angels --though there may be some of that going on, I'm sure.

This morning, as I was eating breakfast, I happened to look out the window and saw our neighbors across the street loading up their SUV, obviously getting ready for a trip.

"You need to go over right now and let them know about our coming move to Denver," truth said. I put down my knife and fork, called JoAnn and we went over together to tell them.

I was a young man of 23 working as a reporter on a large daily newspaper in London, when one day -- out of nowhere, it seemed -- the notion came to me: "You want to find the meaning of life – leave everything and go to British Columbia."

What? Give up a promising career, say goodbye to my girlfriend, and abandon my family simply because a vague compulsion rose within me to go to Canada?

But how thankful I am that I followed that whisper within.

Sometimes people are frightened of stillness, or they think, "Why, stillness isn't anything. God preserve me from such emptiness and boredom."

But unless we are still we will probably miss the impulse of that divine presence that alone knows what is truly wise, what will truly bless our own life or the lives of others.

The belief that God, or Being is separate from us is a myth deeply entrenched in all of us. Perhaps it was inevitable back along the way. But truth is crying out in a loud voice these days for the myth to be ended.


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