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The friend who is always with us

flyingcranesWe live in extraordinary times. Remarkable times. Fear, hatred, and resentment are on the increase. Love, truth, courage and wisdom are on the increase too.

In the midst of all the chaos and confusion that is going on in this world, and perhaps, at times, in our own lives, there is a friend who is always with us as long as we live.

There are many words to describe that true friend.  Truth. Being. God. Buddha. And so on. My wife, JoAnn, uses the word "radar" to describe a source of inner wisdom and guidance that is always “on.” She trusts it implicitly and seeks to be true to it and listen to it constantly.

I think of this friend as stillness. That is the word that for me best describes the indefinable Presence that I realize more and more clearly every day has had a gracious hand on my life since I was born.

This is where I find wisdom and guidance. This is where I find security and a sense of well-being -- a sense of communion with something larger than myself that ultimately includes all people and all forms of life everywhere.

It’s like a clear, pure spring that never dries up. It never changes. It never fails. It was said long ago that "Love never faileth." Perhaps that's another word for this changeless, beautiful Presence that offers its life and its sustenance without bias or distinction to us all.

My personal impression is that in these days we would be wise to give more weight to this timeless source within us -- and less to the urgings and opinions and pronouncements that bombard us from the external world.

The great potential of this time, I believe, is the opportunity to realize that this timeless source within ourselves is who we truly are.

Where do you find strength and guidance in your life?  How would you describe it?  

I won't be able to manage another post this week. I'm getting ready to leave on a short visit to BC to see my son Durwin and his family. I hope to have another post up toward the end of next week. Love and best wishes to all.


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