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Let expectations go, let pain go

Want a recipe for happiness and peace of mind?

Once you have offered a little piece of yourself as a gift into this world -- maybe it's something you've created, maybe it's a comment you made during a conversation, whatever it may be, let it go. You are responsible for what you express, not for how others react.

Don't immediately construct an expectation, for example. Don't say, "That was rather a wonderful gift that I gave. So-and-so is really going to appreciate it and tell me how wonderful it was, or better yet, how wonderful I am." Entertaining some sort of expectation along this line not only lays an imposition on another person, or group, or on this world -- it sets you up for a parcel of grief.

Someone may look at what you said, or did, and say, in effect, "What were you thinking of? That was in rather poor taste, if you ask me." You may even find censure of one kind or another leveled at you.

Now, it's true that sometimes feedback can be very useful, very helpful. We all have human quirks and limitations -- and if they are brought to light, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? I’m not talking about that. I'm talking about the human tendency to look to others for approval or praise when ultimately the only thing that is truly important is being true to ourselves, so that we honor the truth at the core of our own being at all costs.

Choose right now, in this very moment, to be free of the pain of disappointment, self-recrimination, or self-doubt. It's not necessary. It certainly won't win you any brownie points as far as the universe is concerned.

My wife, who is a down to earth person, is a quilt maker. This is how she sees what I’m writing about here. "Let's say I make a nice quilt. This is my way of expressing love. I give it my very best. But then once I give this quilt to someone, or to an organization or cause, I let it go. What they do with it is up to them -- they may even throw it into the trash. I can only be responsible for myself."

There is only one way to live in this world, and it is to be free. As long as I depend upon a favorable reaction or opinion from others -- wonderful though that may be -- for my well-being, I am not free.

Let me depend for my well-being upon only one thing. Let me put my trust in only one thing -- the truth at the core of my own being. How far does that truth extend? Where are its limits? What is not included in its love?

Yes, there's a good chance that our expression will be colored or limited at times by our human limitations and idiosyncrasies. But that is not the point. Let us never deny or belittle the value and importance of the timeless truth at the core of our own being.

This is who you truly are. It is your divine heritage.

Nothing can dilute it. Nothing can defile it.


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