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What gift do you bring to the world?

blogbeamcloudsFor a little while – a blink of an eye, I suppose, in cosmic terms -- we have the opportunity to be present on this planet because of the particular human form we inhabit, and give the gift that is ours to give.

It’s a miracle. What a wonder this is. It's mind-boggling, really, when you stop to think about it.

There was a time when this particular body we inhabit did not exist. There will be a time when it ceases to be. But right now it does exist. And because this is so, we have the opportunity to express our unique, immortal essence in ways that simply would not be possible if we did not have a human form.

Some think it would be cool to get to heaven some day. They may even look forward to this. Perhaps that will be a happy day. But what I know is cool is the opportunity to know heaven right now, and bring it into this planet – because we have a body and a mind and a heart that make this possible.

We have all the equipment we need to let heaven blossom here and now, exactly where we are, according to our own unique essence and spirit.

Take my wife, JoAnn, for example. She's a quilter. The way in which she expresses love -- her own timeless essence, her own divine character -- is through quilting. That's not the only way she does this, but it is one way, a way she loves.

How amazing, how ingenious and imaginative, that god, or life has not only dreamed up a planet called earth, has not only invented human bodies and suchlike -- it has even created quilting as a way to express and amplify and make “real” its essential character and quality of love and truth.

JoAnn's eyes light up when she sees a quilt. Her eyes light up when she makes a quilt, or talks with other quilters. Or when I bring a quilting magazine home from the mailbox.

A quilt, JoAnn likes to say, is a blanket of love – and it is. It’s love made manifest, as was underlined for me this week in a beautiful story in our local paper, the Loveland Reporter-Herald, www.reporterherald.com. The story, titled "Sharing a common thread," told how local quilters are banding together to make quilts for local disabled veterans.

There was a great picture of a disabled veteran, John Jones, who could be anyone struggling to build a new life, hugging one of the quilt makers in a deep expression of his gratitude.

Every moment is an opportunity to express love, and courage, and integrity, and compassion, and steadfastness, and all the other qualities of our own authentic nature, because of the body we have that makes this possible.

By the same token, every moment gives us an opportunity to remember that we are so much more than the physical form that we inhabit at this time, with all its obvious idiosyncrasies and limitations. We are changeless, and timeless. We have never known sin. We have never known trouble or grief. And though our bodies know a beginning and an end – we do not.


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