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There is a gracious hand on our lives

There is a gracious hand on our lives that is in no way interested in destroying us, but in leading us step-by-step to freedom. To serenity. To truth, and peace, and the fulfillment of our mission in this earth.

There is one key requirement though, I have found, for this process to work as it should. I must be willing to keep on keeping on even when it seems obvious something or someone is trying to destroy me.

I spent 36 years of my life at a spiritual community in the interior of British Columbia. I thought my life in this community was going to last forever. The leader, whose example of true character, divine character, in action drew me and others to the community in the first place and held me there, almost despite myself, warned of "drastic changes" coming. But I guess it just seemed rather theoretical.

Well, guess what. It wasn't theoretical at all. Drastic change did come. The leader died, as people tend to do. My own wife died, too. And at the same time somehow, the money and effort and sense of purpose that had supported the community -- and caused it to flourish -- began to dissipate.

I found myself with no alternative but to leave, one cold, fall morning, drive to Vancouver and start a new life. I had no material resources. The community had been run on a cooperative model, so there were no savings in my pocket. I had been a reporter and editor, later an author of sorts -- but I was now 63. What did I have to offer the world I had left as an idealistic young man bound and determined to find the truth? Not too much, it seemed to me.

My despair was very real, very profound. The best I could do, on a rainy, miserable day in Vancouver, was walk through Chinatown and buy a Chinese wooden sword as a symbol I was not going to suffer defeat without a fight.

What have I learned, from that and other trials and tribulations? I have learned that the timeless words of William Cowper, "God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform," are true, and very beautiful. And I have learned that instead of judging the events and people that show up in my life, it is much better to stay open to the possibility there is magic just waiting to be revealed.

Just the other day, I received a comment to one of my posts that at first I wasn't quite sure of. It seemed a little off the subject. But then I realized it wasn't off the subject at all, but was simply offering a different perspective -- a valuable perspective.

I have learned, most of all, that this gracious hand of which I speak has but one purpose, to lead us step by step to an ever increasing experience of freedom -- the freedom of our own immortal reality that already exists at the core of our being.

I have learned that there will always be new dimensions of joy and purpose and peace to be discovered that might have remained unknown and untouched if change had not broken down the habit-forming walls of my previous existence.

Let us rejoice in that gracious hand of love and truth that rests upon each one of us. As long as we are willing to stay in the game -- it will never let us down.


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Noel Gaughan July 4, 2009 at 6:44 am

And also Chris there is the joy of sharing victory however hard won with others and then of maybe seeing that original victory multiply as the fruit of our labours. We also realize that we had to have the victory, it was our very reason for being here on earth, for this cause came I to this hour as Jesus expressed it. I have worried a lot unnecessarily over why it should have taken me 24years or nearly half a lifetime to recover my true spirit after a hallucination of the fall of conciousness within myself which was followed by many hard years and suffering until I realized that it was all my own choice as a human nature conciousness to keep posponing really giving my all to my higher purpose in order I imagined to enjoy longer my own selfish purposes and mostly because I was afraid of God. And I was afraid of God because I knew deep down that I was not being wholehearted and true to my highest sense of self. But God is patient and merciful and kind and gracious and He led me carefully through the difficulties and responsibilities which were my meat that I might finally grow up. Now I accept that the length of time taken was largely on account of my own faults and failures.This most faithful One that I am in truth and know and love above all others has never tired of me or given up for any reason no matter what but rather has restored me to my former glory with him and I know and understand far more than I did in my old life,mostly the lenghts of love to which Our heavenly father will go to help anyone


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