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Looking for a new lease on life?

I just spent some time with Steve Pavlina at www.StevePavlina.com, reading a great post entitled "The Afternoon of Life." Says Steve: "It can be very unsettling -- and frustrating beyond belief -- when our old solutions no longer create the results we expect. We do what we think is best -- we know it's the right thing to do -- but our tried and trusted routines seem to be broken for some odd reason. The harder we try, the worse we feel. It's like sinking into an invisible abyss. Why does this happen?”

Steve goes on to say, "At some point in your life, your old patterns of success must break down to make way for something new. The lessons you learned that enabled you to succeed at one level of awareness (even if you consider your success to be moderate) must be shed for you to become something more."

He shares how he made a dramatic change in his own life while he was listening to the noted author, Dr. Wayne Dyer, in a conference at Las Vegas entitled "I can do it." A voice in Steve's head said, "Your place is on that stage." He began putting intangible values like happiness, fulfillment and purpose ahead of external success and achievement. His life began to flourish once again and develop a new richness and purpose that he had not known before.

It's exciting to think how many people there must be in this world like Steve who not only recognize the need for change in their life, itself a big step, but act on what they see. They have the courage and integrity to follow a new direction even though at first it may seem very frail and insubstantial.

How else are we going to fulfill our true destiny and mission in this world unless we are willing to take a chance when that is what is called for, and trust our own inner impulse regardless of the consequences. "Though he slay me, yet will I trust him," said Job reportedly at one point in his own remarkable odyssey of renewal and redemption.

Whatever new thoughts or new ideas or new direction your own inherent wisdom may bring to your attention in these days, trust it. As Steve Pavlina shares with us in his beautiful post, our old patterns of success must break down to make way for something new. By the same token, of course, our old patterns of failure must break down also. They are both equally useless. What meaning do they have in the Now? What meaning do they have as far as fulfilling our true mission at this stage of our life is concerned? None.

And what meaning do they have to our own being -- already perfect, already beautiful, already free? None. None at all.

A new road -- a new life -- stretches before us that has nothing to do either with past successes or past failures. It is an invitation which is increasing, I believe, in its power and intensity with every passing moment. Let us not keep this invitation waiting. For it will bless us, and heal us, and fulfill us, and make us whole -- and it will make the whole world whole also as we and others do our part.

What is this invitation? It is the invitation to come home to our own divine essence, to the stillness, joy, and peace that is the truth of who we are, and live out of that stillness – our own timeless, changeless, eternally untroubled Self.


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Noel Gaughan June 19, 2009 at 8:46 am

Dear Chris, thankyou for sharing your spirit and your naked and unashamed experience with me through your blog. I have been encouraged and helped by reading how vulnerable you seem and at the same time you are indomitable and undefeated. You have been a friend to me when I could not see what to do next but wait and keep going. Just emerging into a new light and life in these days after a long dark night, faith confirmed and proven, I am grateful for you and where you stand. I am with you now and have been for many years if you are the same Chris Foster who inspired a very lost and confused me with a poem called “A TIME FOR HEROES” a long time ago.This poem which I would love you to publish on your blog or send me a copy email has a line I remember at the end, “A new world emerges filled with magic and with light” and this I find is the real world now. So good to celebrate and share in the radiance of Love in this way with you.
With appreciation from Noel


Christopher Foster June 20, 2009 at 9:27 am

Noel, many thanks for your kind and moving words. Yes, I did write the poem that you mention, does seem a long time ago indeed. If you could email your snail mail address I’ll get a copy of the poem to you. We’re all in this together, aren’t we — very good to re-connect with you again. With blessings from your friend Chris.


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