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A middle way to God?

"We are becoming a nation of spiritually anchored people who are not traditionally religious," said Serene Jones, president of Union Theological Seminary in New York, recently.  She was commenting on a 2009 poll that showed interest in organized religion has been dropping in the US -- but more people are exploring new spiritual frontiers.

It would seem an increasing number of people are choosing a "middle way to God."  They reject the idea that they can only know God through some kind of external intercession -- the idea that there needs to be a filter of some kind between themselves and the divine.

Whether we find comfort and inspiration in the church, or express our spirituality in other ways -- or whether we don't think about such things at all -- one thing is becoming more and more clear.  Change is going to get us. It doesn't matter what we do, or don't do.  It doesn't matter what we believe, or don't believe.

What's behind the drastic change that's going on in our lives and in the world?

I can only answer this question from the standpoint of my own experience.

Change, whether I like it or not -- and I have to tell you, I am learning to like it more and more, even though it has scared the daylights out of me at times -- seems intent on stripping away every last vestige of my human conditioning, my human nature identity, so to speak.

It doesn't seem to care how well or how poorly I have performed in this life up until now, how many mistakes I have made, or how many vicissitudes and troubles have befallen me, and there have been many, or so I used to think.

 All that is being swept awayas if it simply doesn't matter anymore.  It's almost as if it never was.

What is emerging instead, bit by bit, like a ship emerging from mist into clear sunlight, is something that is difficult to describe -- but absolutely wonderful to experience.  It is something that is quite untouched and untroubled by past experiences I have had, unfazed and unblemished by past losses and inadequacies.  The timeless, unconquerable beauty and perfection of my own Being -- there, that's the best I can do in a few words.  

Could it be that the words of a great prophet are coming to fruition in this time?  "...And if ye continue in my word, ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free."  (John 8.31,32).

Could it be that there is a new "tribe" emerging in the midst of the world's chaos that desires very passionately to know the fulfillment of this prophesy? To know the truth first-hand?  To know what their purpose is on this planet first-hand? To know the truth of existence first-hand?  To know the truth of being, of wholeness, of love, first-hand?

This is why I wanted to start this blog. The idea fascinates me. It would be a tribe brought together and held together by integrity, it seems to me, by the power of unwavering love for what is imperishable and true in each of us, unbound by any human belief or prejudice. 

I used to think that "finding the Truth" was a pretty big deal.  A very serious undertaking requiring a lot of sacrifice -- a long face from morning until night.

But I don't think that anymore, I'm happy to say.  Truth is quite light-hearted, I find. It opens a door to increasing ease and happiness in life, and a joy that triumphs even in the midst of adversity.

Best of all is this. It seems nothing more is required to know the Truth than to be still, in the eternal moment, exactly as it is -- to cling to that stillness, to come back to that stillness again and again when we lose it, to act out of that stillness, and to find our peace and wholeness and happiness in that stillness.

Sometimes our moments are beautiful.  Sometimes they are exhilarating. Sometimes they are frustrating. Sometimes they are magical. Sometimes they are terrifying. 

But the stillness is always here.  It is the one thing that never changes.  The womb from which I came and the unseen dimension to which we all return.  Here is the source of the divine wisdom that, if we open ourselves to it, will always, without fail, help us and guide us on our way. Do you have any experiences of wisdom born of stillness you'd like to share?


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